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An Overview of How BBQ Rubs Can Elevate Flavours When Smoking Meat

Admit it, you’re constantly looking for new methods to improve your barbeque skills. When it comes to smoking meat, it’s all about the flavours, and BBQ rubs are an ideal companion for balancing and enhancing taste. They come in 2 varieties: dry rubs and wet rubs. 

Both have the same flavour foundations; sweet and salty. So, whether you prefer a dry rub or a wet rub on your brisket or pulled pork, the choice is based on what type of flavour you are looking for. 

This guide highlights how BBQ rubs elevate flavours when smoking meat. Let’s dive in!

Dry Rubs vs Wet Rubs: What’s the Difference?

While they both serve the same purpose of flavouring meat, they are different.

Dry rubs consist of a mix of sugar, seasonings, and dry herbs and spices rubbed into meats before smoking. The majority of these types of rubs comprise four or more herbs and spices. They also include basic elements such as garlic powder and paprika to provide a smoky and savoury flavour. 

The natural moisture in meat acts as an adherent to the dry rub. This then forms a delightful crust, locking in the juiciness inside, and in the process, adding colour to the meat. Dry rubs work brilliantly when smoking or slow cooking and are ideal if you are looking for a sear. 

Wet rubs, on the other hand, constitute the same ingredients as dry rubs with the addition of a liquid. Most of the time, these rubs are infused with oils, vinegar, and alcohol (bourbon, beer). The idea behind a wet rub is that it will help the dry components stick to the meat more effectively, enriching the flavour inside the meat along with the components of the liquid used. 

Wet rubs are ideal when cooking low and slow. They allow the sugars to caramelize evenly and allow the meat to develop a rich and unique coating packed with flavour.

How to Use a Dry Rub or a Wet Rub

Smoking meat with rubs is easy. Whether you are using a dry or a wet rub, the technique is the same. 

First, rub them all over the meat, down to the bone. Dry BBQ rubs with added salt work their charm inside, while the surface dries out, forming a crispier crust when smoking. You can do this 24 hours before smoking. 

Another nifty trick when using dry rubs is that they shouldn’t be wrapped with plastic or foil. This will only trap moisture inside, preventing a good sear, and turning it into a wet rub. Instead, you should use a rack to allow the meat to dry up evenly.

You should also note that there is a difference between a wet rub and a marinade. A wet rub is more of a paste while a marinade is more liquid. Unlike dry rubs, wet BBQ rubs can be done an hour before cooking but perform the same way as dry rubs do. 

Pro tip: Smoking wet rubbed meat on indirect heat or utilizing low and slow methods is ideal as it prevents flare-ups that can burn sugars when they get hot too fast. Wrapping wet-rubbed meat in plastic or foil also locks in the juices inside and enriches the flavour. 

Find Your Perfect BBQ Rubs Today!

Whether you prefer a dry-rubbed brisket or a wet-rubbed pork shoulder, BBQVille Canada is your ideal source for BBQ rubs with a wide selection of rubs to choose from.

Our BBQ rubs are indeed artisanal, with intense flavours that allow you to enjoy perfectly balanced sweet-hot, salty-savoury, and deeply rich textures straight from top-tier companies. We also have gluten-free rubs and sugar-free options available for you to choose from.

We make it simple for you to obtain high-quality BBQ rubs. You place your order, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll have the savoury BBQ rubs all over your lamb, chicken, pork or beef, and enjoy a barbecue as it is meant to be!


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