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Ultimate Guide for Cleaning Your BBQ and Why Keeping it Clean is Important

When it comes to taking care of and cleaning your BBQ, it is important that you not only pay attention to the surface but also take a look inside. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there! The grates are a place where leftover food particles and grease often accumulate. Over time, these can cause the grates to become discolored, rusty, and even stuck together. Preventing any of these problems isn’t hard: all you need is the right products and these simple tips and tricks. You can save yourself time down the road to repair your grill and ensure your grill always works great and your food always comes out perfect.

Tips for Cleaning Your BBQ

1. Remove the Grates

To begin cleaning your BBQ, you will want to remove the grates. This can be tricky on some models but should be relatively easy on others. If it is too hard to do by hand or if you have trouble doing so safely, you may want to consider using a pair of pliers or a wrench and screwdriver. Many people keep their grates in good condition just by removing them and storing them in a dry place where they are protected from the elements after each use.

2. Clean the Grill and the Grates

Once the grates are off and you want to clean the grate and grill thoroughly. You can use a wire brush to clean them. Once they are cleaned and free of buildup, then you can use an old rag and some soapy water or whatever cleaning solution you prefer to wipe them down.

You must get all the grease off of the grates before you put them back on the grill. This will not only prevent you from having issues with rust and discoloration but will also prevent your food from sticking to them.

3. Soak in Baking Soda

If any leftover grease or food is still clinging to your grates after your initial cleaning, you can easily deal with it by soaking a baking soda paste into the grates. This is one of the simplest ways to remove stubborn buildup and get things back to where they should be. Just take a handful of baking soda and place it onto the surface of the grates, then press them down into it. Let the grates sit for about ten minutes, then use a rag to wipe everything clean.

4. Season With Oil

After removing all your leftover food, you can consider seasoning your grill with high-heat cooking oil like Canola or Peanut oil. This is a good habit for cleaning your BBQ since it will help keep your grates from rusting and prevent the food from sticking to them. Put a few tablespoons of Canola oil onto a rag, then rub it back and forth on the grates. Be sure to do this every time you use your BBQ, and before you start cooking.

Importance of Cleaning Your BBQ

Improves Cooking

One of the best reasons for keeping your barbecue clean is that it will improve your cooking. If any debris is left over on the grill, you run the risk of this getting onto the fresh food being cooked. You may end up with burnt food or a meal that doesn’t taste very good. Keeping your barbecue scrupulously clean will help keep your food tasting better and looking better.

Keeps Things Functioning Properly

Health and safety of your food are one of the top reasons for keeping your barbecue clean. When you don’t clean your grill, then there is a good chance that mold and bacteria will build up on the grates. This will not only make your food taste bad, but it could also make you sick from consuming the bacteria.

Keeps Things Looking Good

It’s also important to keep your barbecue looking good. This way, you don’t have to feel embarrassed when you have people over. Leftover food can get stuck onto the grates and cause them to become discoloured and even rust. Cleaning your BBQ grill and free of all this buildup will keep it looking good and prolong its life.

Prevents Rust and Corrosion

If you want to keep your barbecue in good shape for a long time, keep it clean and well-maintained. This could prevent issues like rust and corrosion, which can cause your grates to be weak.

With all of this information about cleaning your BBQ, you should be on your way to keeping it clean. It is important to remember that a clean grill will be efficient for longer and result in better-tasting food. Keep these tips in mind and you won’t have to worry about your grill rusting, getting covered with grease, or building up bacteria.Remember that grills are relatively easy to clean when you have the right accessories. Find all tools and accessories you need from BBQVille Canada. For any inquiries, contact us today.


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