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Pellets vs Chips: What’s Better for Smoking Your Meat?

When it comes to outdoor cooking grills and smokers, there are many questions to ask. For instance, what is the best meat to use? How hot should I keep the inside of the cooker? Can I peek at the progress? Should I use pellets or wood chips to smoke my meat?

We can’t address all these questions in this article, but one stands out more than the rest. When choosing between pellets and wood chips in your outdoor cooking grills, it helps to understand the advantages of each material. 

The Benefits of Pellets and Wood Chips

Pellet Benefits

Pellets were built for smoking and work wonders when added to the mix. They are condensed hardwood fragments, which helps them burn longer and hotter than standard wood chips. Plus, their uniformity helps them smoke more evenly, meaning you can control the temperature of your smoke with ease. They don’t produce a lot of ash either, making them a great choice for cleanup and consistency. 

Chip Benefits

Wood chips have a home in smokers and outdoor cooking grills, but they tend to do better in the latter. One reason for this is their depth of flavour, which can be a great thing in small amounts, but often becomes overpowering with the overexposure typical of smoking. You can also rest assured that there are no added components in wood chips since they are less processed than pellets. Finally, wood chips can be combined with charcoal, imparting an additional layer of flavour to your meal.

How to Choose Between Pellets and Wood Chips

If you are planning to smoke your meats, pellets are the superior choice in almost every regard. Still, if you are using an outdoor cooking grill, wood chips often come out on top. Another way to look at these two fuels is by time. If you have extra, smoke your meat with pellets. If you’re in a rush, grill and infuse flavour with wood chips. And, for all your pellet and chips supplies, make sure you go to BBQVille Canada! 

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