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Why try to cut meats and veggies on plates or other slippery surfaces not designed with secure cutting in mind? The right cutting board makes prepping food for grilling easier and safer. 

Grilla Grills Cutting Board is the only cutting board made up to Grilla Grills stringent standards. Made with 100% real bamboo, and meticulously crafted to be the perfect tool for the avid griller, this cutting board is tough, and has small features that make it stand out amongst the crowd!

Advantages of the Grilla Grills Large Cutting Board

We’re partial to this BBQ cutting board because we engineered it in-house. We think you’ll be pleased with it, too, especially after enjoying all these benefits:

  • No-split grip: With recessed handles that will stay clean because they aren’t on the table, and a gutter to ensure your drippings stay off the counter, this cutting board is going to make cleanup a breeze.
  • Large size: At just under 20″ x 14″ this cutting board is the perfect size for any job, able to fit lots of small items, or a couple large ones. You can fit at least 3-racks of babyback ribs for quick seasoning, and transfer them from the counter to your grill with ease! 
  • Safe construction: Why tempt fate when you have a hunk of raw meat in one hand and a sharp knife in the other? Our bamboo meat cutting board helps you get the traction you need when you’re slicing and dicing.
  • Easy cleanup: Bamboo naturally resists holding onto bacteria, odors and moisture. All you have to do is clean your bamboo BBQ cutting board with hot, sudsy water. Occasionally spritzing it afterward with a natural disinfectant of one part water and one part vinegar helps avoid residue buildup. Then let the cutting board air dry. 
  • Safe for hot meat: Do you have a big piece of smoked brisket fresh from the grill? Place it on this clean cutting board and carve it up as needed. The bamboo can handle the hot stuff. You might want to wear some gloves to protect your fingers, especially if you’re pulling the brisket or holding part of it down.
  • Quality design: Would you expect anything less than the best from Grilla Grills? Our motto is that if we’re going to design a product, it has to be top-notch. Our large cutting board is no exception to the rule.

Buy a Cutting Board Today to Upgrade Your Grill Game

Consider buying more than one of these cutting boards to have on hand. Food safety experts recommend having separate cutting boards for meats and veggies — just be sure you don’t mix the two. Besides, owning a couple of cutting boards makes grilling faster and simpler. 

Are you looking for a fantastic gift for the holidays or a special occasion? Wrap a bow on this cutting board, and you’ll have the perfect surprise for the pitmaster who’s been good all year.

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