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The Grilla Alpha Connect wood pellet smoker is part of Grilla Grills newest lineup of WiFi enabled pellet grills. Our brand new industry defining Alpha Connect technology gives you the ability to control your grill from anywhere. The controller takes all of the smart smoking technology from our Alpha Smoke control board and combines it with all of the modern day wireless features you’ve been asking for! 

The Grilla’s EvenTemp Chamber produces a consistent heat and smoke level in the cooking chamber for long, low-temp cooks. The convertible, two-tiered stainless-steel cooking surface and convenient new features from the Alpha Connect controller make this one of the most unique pellet smokers on the market. The Grilla is also easy to move with its EZ glide wheels, while the powder-coat finish, and stainless-steel internal components are built to last.

Grilla Alpha Connect Features

New Wireless Alpha Connect Control Board

The Grilla Alpha Connect offers you more control than ever before, wherever you go with it’s new WiFi enabled control board! 

  • Start or stop your grill from anywhere you have a wireless connection
  • Monitor temperatures, set probe and grill temperature alarms
  • Utilize our new TempTamer technology
  • Get troubleshooting help for when your grill has a hiccup

If you’ve used a Grilla before, you know it has our exclusive Pro Smoke mode, as well as a PID option. We made sure to build both of those right into the new controller so you still get the same performance you’ve grown to love. Our Pro mode maximize smoke throughout your cook by slightly increasing the temperature variance of the grill. While the PID mode lets you stick closely to your desired temperature. 

Form and Function

The Grilla’s unique shape isn’t just for looks. The round shape eliminates hot and cold corners while the swinging lid allows you to keep heat in when you check on your food. On top of that, it’s also a lot easier to use than other grill lids as you can leave it partially open with zero effort, letting you work with both hands.

The Grilla Alpha Connect lets you adjust temperatures between 180 and 500 degrees. The digital control panel and included meat probe let you monitor the temperature of your meat as well as your grill, from the control board or your connected phone. On top of all these features, the burnpot, grill grates and heat deflector are all built to last, made of durable stainless steel.

Wood Pellet Heating Technology

  • Alpha Connect WiFi Controller
  • Auto-ignition
  • Set’ n Forget Digital Control System
  • Backlit Easy Read Control Board
  • 180°F to 500°F in 5-degree increments
  • Set & Monitor Timers
  • Full Wireless Control and Troubleshooting Help through Application
  • Indirect Cooking
  • Full stainless steel grates
  • Convection-style cooking
  • No flare-ups
  • Automatic Fire Tending by the advanced control board
  • Included meat probe connected to control board for easy monitoring
  • Stainless steel firepot
  • Double Wall Insulation
  • Industry Exclusive TempTamer Feature
    • Diminishes effect on grill temperature when opening the lid.
  • Swing Lid keeps heat in when checking food
    • Can be left partially open as necessary, without propping open
    • No more heavy lids to lift with one hand
  • Round EvenTemp Chamber eliminates hot/cold corners on the grill

The Grilla Alpha Connect’s Interior

The Grilla’s interior gives you the ability to cook for a crowd or for yourself. The upper grate pops out allowing you room for whole chickens and roasts. The fire area is insulated, and the grates are made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod. Here’s how the interior measures up:

  • Main Cooking Area: 21″ Diameter=346″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 142″
  • Total Square Inches of Cooking Space: 488″
  • Removable upper grate ideal for large barbecues
  • Double Wall insulated fire area
  • Grates made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod

The Exterior

The Grilla’s exterior offers as much style as it does functionality and durability. The front pivot wheel has a foot lever that makes moving your Alpha a breeze. The exterior is powder coated for a long-lasting finish that can stand up to the elements as well as high heat. The Grilla Alpha Connect won’t run into problems with too high of heat however, as the automatic shutdown feature kicks in if the grill exceeds 615°F or falls below 110°F. If your phone is connected to the grill, you’ll also receive a notification. Additional high-end features include a healthy 20-lb. hopper capacity and a grease catch that holds standard cans.

  • Front pivot wheel with foot lever for easy moving
  • High-temperature and powder coated for a long-lasting finish
  • 20-lb. hopper capacity
  • Grease catch holds standard cans

Durable Construction

The Grilla Alpha Connect is so much more than the cheap grills you’ll find at your average big box store. The construction is rock-solid, made with heavy-steel construction including a rugged stainless steel fire pot, stainless steel side trays, stainless steel internal components and a thermal metal jacket for year-round cooking efficiency. The 5-inch rubber wheels will help you move your Grilla when you need to, and are rugged enough to last.

The Grilla’s EZ Fuel Change Out allows you to quickly and easily switch the variety of pellets you’re cooking with for different flavor profiles. The “no-mess” cord storage eliminates tangles and keeps cords tucked away and out of your way. The fully enclosed fan and auger motor have a maintenance panel in the rear to allow easy access to the auger motor and fan if and when you need to take a look at those. The fire pot and igniter are simple to remove which makes for easy, fast cleanup.Construction features:

  • Rock-solid, heavy-steel construction
  • Rugged steel fire pot
  • EZ Fuel Change Out to switch wood pellets easily for different flavor profiles
  • Stainless steel side trays
  • Viewing glass for a quick and easy flame check
  • “No-mess” cord storage eliminates tangles and keeps cords tucked away
  • 5-in. rubber wheels
  • Fully enclosed fan and auger motor with maintenance panel in the rear to allow easy access to the auger motor and fan
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Double Wall Thermal Metal Jacket for year around efficiency

High-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If unit exceeds 615°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Low-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If unit drops below 150°F for an extended period of time, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Quick Assembly

When your Grilla Alpha Connect arrives on your doorstep you won’t spend hours putting it together. Just attach the trays, plug it in, and load it up with your favorite wood pellet fuel.

Fire Pot and Igniter remove easily for quick cleaning.

Quick Assembly

  • Just put trays on, plug in, and load with your favorite wood pellet fuel.

Power Requirement

The Grilla is powered by an American standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 48 × 37 × 42 cm


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