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The Ultimate Portable Tailgate Grill Expansion

You all loved the Jerky Rack on the Silverbac, now we’ve got one for the Chimp lovers out there! All the function of it’s bigger brother, with the added portability of the Chimp Tailgater Pellet Grill!

Grilla Grills Multipurpose Jerky Rack for the Chimp is the ultimate grill expansion for anyone that plans on hosting company. Make a huge stock of jerky while camping, smoke more wings than your friends at the tailgate, rock out racks of ribs or anything else your hungry heart desires. Forget about bringing the big grill, with this stainless steel rack you’ll be able to bust out more food than you ever dreamed of when on the go!

Solid Construction

Constructed with 1/4 inch 304 stainless steel rods and a stainless steel grid, this will be the last rack you ever need. No matter how hot you cook, or how much food you put on it, this rack will never buckle under the pressure.

Conveniency is King

Our racks are designed to slide out for easy access when seasoning or saucing. Each shelf is completely stable when extended, no matter how much you load them up. Once disassembled, the rack fits neatly in your dishwasher for easy, safe cleanup.

Compact Design

With two simple folds this rack compacts down to two inches for easy storage anywhere. It’s perfect for travel to any tailgate party, backyard barbecue or campground cook-off. The rack is also designed with feet that tightly grip your existing grill grate, ensuring your rack is locked in for the duration of your cook!

All the Space You Need 

Be prepared for any group, no matter the size. Our 2-tiered shelf adds a total 395 square inches of cooking space to your tailgate sized pellet grill or smoker. It can hold dozens of wings, 5 racks of ribs and more jerky than you’d ever imagine.


While it was designed with Grilla Grills Chimp in mind, this rack should fit in most pit barrel style smokers. Standing at 5.25 inches tall, 13.5 inches deep and 19.5 inches wide at the base, this rack is going to become your new favorite tool in no time.

Why Buy a Stainless Steel Grilling Jerky Rack?

We’re sure you’ll agree that when it comes to jerky racks for smokers like the original Silverbac, ours stands out. Here are some of the biggest benefits of adding this stainless steel grilling rack to your smoker grill: 

  • You can get off the expensive and subpar commercial jerky train: Commercially produced jerky often doesn’t have the snap or flavor of homemade versions. With a stainless steel rack built for jerky making, you can try out a variety of jerky recipes, from exotic meats like emu to everyday options like turkey.
  • You can stretch your food budget: Is there a great sale on meat at the grocery store? Why not buy up a bunch and turn some of it into jerky? You’ll save a bundle and make it easier for your whole crew to snack healthier.
  • You can try all sorts of new recipes: When you get into grilling on a pellet smoker, you open up a world of cooking opportunities. Although this jerky rack for your smoker is designed for making jerky, it comes in handy for all sorts of other dishes and entrees, too.

Order a stainless steel rack for your top-line Grilla Grills smoker today. 

Already own this smoker jerky rack? Tell us what you think! We welcome feedback from customers and use your input to help design future accessories to fit our wide range of pellet smokers.

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