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Fits both Alpha and Pro Grilla series. Even gorillas need protection from the harsh weather conditions to survive. Your Grilla Grill is no exception to this rule! Keep your grill looking nice with this 100% polyester, waterproof fabric. Color fastness: 100 hours 4 grade, black denier heavy-duty grill cover.

What Makes a Grilla Cover Special?

Like all our Grilla products, the grill covers we sell have all the best traits. In fact, they only receive the Grilla name after we make sure they live up to our legacy of top-quality grilling items.

Why will you love your Grilla cover?

  • Weather-proof. Forget about what happens outside. Your Grilla cover can handle snow and rain like a pro. Let the downpours happen without worrying that your Grilla smoker will get wet.
  • Heavy construction. We have chosen a strong material that wicks away moisture from your grill while standing up as the seasons change.
  • Colorfast. Who wants a faded grill cover? The Grilla cover promises fade resistance, so it keeps looking amazing on your deck or patio for longer.
  • Perfect fit. The Grilla covers for sale at Grilla Grills are specifically created to hug our brand of smokers. Consequently, your Grilla cover will fit nicely over all the parts of your smoker grill.
  • Easy cleaning. Need to bring your grill cover back to like-new condition after a few months of bad weather? It can be cleaned by spraying it with a hose. Or, if you have a large-sized washing machine, you can launder it as you would any other heavy fabric.

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