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What’s so special about our heat-resistant BBQ gloves?

  • We chose the right materials to get the job done. Just like we did when we were engineering our grills, we explored all the materials possible to find the right ones for heat-resistant gloves. These textured, neoprene coated grill gloves will allow you to safely adjust the placement of items on your grill. 
  • We made sure that our BBQ gloves will fit most pitmasters. Never worry again that you’ll invest in a pair of grill gloves that feel like they’re too big or ridiculously tight. The gloves measure roughly 17″ from tip to opening and have a 4.5″ palm diameter. These 1-size-fits-all gloves have incredible dexterity when compared to other grill gloves of this nature, and are easier to clean than the majority of the other styles due to their lack of raised divets.
  • We thought about your comfort when we made our gloves. We considered your comfort when handling your meat, including when selecting the inside fabrics of our gloves. The internal lining of the gloves are exceedingly comfortable being made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. That’s downright cozy. You might just find that you keep your BBQ gloves on, especially if you’re grilling in cold weather.
  • We wanted to reduce the likelihood of grillers burning more than their brisket ends. When you purchase these grill gloves, you’ll notice that they don’t stop at the point where your hand and wrist meet. They’re longer and feature a purposeful design. We wanted our heat-resistant BBQ gloves to give you enough coverage, so you don’t have to nurse a bad burn, especially along the sensitive skin around your fingers, hands and forearms.

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