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The Silverbac Accessory Pack is one of our most popular accessories. It’s really meant to help keep the front of your grill clean. Included are 3 components: one lid deflector, one front edge grease catch, and two what we call “rack jacks”. All parts are 304 Stainless steel.

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Nuts and Bolts of the Silverbac Grill Accessory Pack

How does the Silverbac accessory pack work? The fundamental elements are easy to understand and illustrate just how revolutionary simple engineering can be:

The Grease Catch 411: The grease catch is attached to the lower opening of the Silverbac. This is where the excess grease will be caught, preventing it from running down the front of your grill. No pitmaster needs a greasy mess to clean up later.

The Lid Deflector 411: The lid deflector is placed on the inside of the grill lid, underneath the handles. It works in conjunction with the grease catch, as smoke and grease billow up inside the grill, the lid deflector pushes it into the grease catch.

The Rack Jack 411: The rack jacks are multifunctional. Many people use them like grate grippers, to take your grates in and out of the grill when it is too hot or greasy. If the top rack is removed, it can also prop up the lower grate, making it easy to access the burn pot with a shop vac for cleaning. They are also used as cleaning tools themselves. Where wire-bristle brushes will often wear or come apart, these rack jacks are great for scraping off caked on reside from your cooks.

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