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The Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Meats

Perhaps you’ve seen them on television or at a friend’s backyard party. Maybe you’ve been lured into curiosity by a sweet and smoky smell or the potential for a new cooking method. Whatever way you’ve got into smoking meats, it’s good that you’re here.

After all, BBQ sauces and rubs can revolutionize the taste of a juicy pork shoulder or brisket, so why wouldn’t smoking be as effective? Still, just like other cooking methods, smoking isn’t always straightforward or simple. It’s important to start with a basis of understanding, which we bring to you down below.

Tips for a Successful Smoke

Get Familiar with Tasting Notes

The world of smoking brings a lot of potential for different flavours. Of course, you have the BBQ sauces and rubs that you add for flavour, but the chips, cook time and brining can all affect the taste as well. Before you start smoking, it is good to understand just what you can do to alter the flavour.

We recommend starting with the different types of pellets and charcoals. Do you want the semi-sweet taste of hickory or the depth of flavour that comes from a good applewood? Once you have a grip on the type of wood, consider adding complementary flavours to create a more complex flavour overall.

Don’t Peek

It’s the most important piece of advice you will receive, and you will receive it more than once! Smoking is a delicate art that requires a consistent and even temperature. Every time you open the lid, you introduce excess oxygen and fluctuate the internal temperature of the smoker. So don’t do it! This applies to flipping your meats as well, which isn’t necessary when cooking with indirect heat like a smoker. 

Cook with a Thermometer, Not a Clock

Luckily, checking the doneness of your meat does not require a visual inspection. Several guides are available online that show what temperatures you need to attain for different meats and cuts. Temperature readings create a much more reliable and accurate measurement of doneness.

Use a Grilla Grill

using a Grilla Grill is a great way to improve your smoking experience from the outset. Packed full of helpful features, like an insulated cooking chamber and removal grill grates, these smokers are built to last. They also feature WiFi-enabled control boards to make monitoring your smoke even simpler. 

BBQVille Canada is your source for everything barbecue in Canada. From smokers, grills and accessories to rubs and sauces, we supply everything you need to go from amateur cook to pro chef. Plus, with shipping from coast to Canadian coast, exclusive products and great prices, we won’t be beat. Bring a little authentic Southern spice or Jamaican jerk to your next backyard bonanza with BBQVille Canada. And don’t forget to check out Airdrie Canvas for all your canvas needs!


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