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The Best Beef Cuts to Smoke

Beef is a delicious and tantalizing meat for all the right reasons. Paired with the perfect BBQ accessories, you can transform all sorts of cuts into delicious culinary creations. Today, we look at the top three beef cuts for smoking and what you need to know to make the most out of them. 

The Best Beef Cuts for Smoking


The brisket is the “chest” of the cow and is well known for its suitability for smoking. Using BBQ accessories like rubs, sauces and thermometers, you can break down the tough tissues in the cut into mouth-watering, tender and tasty morsels. This is a longer smoke, averaging around 12 hours, but it is well worth the wait. Try different flavours of pellets and chips to find your favourite!

Chuck Roast

Chuck roast comes from the “shoulders” of the cow and has a lot in common with brisket. However, it requires only half the smoking time, on average, and is a bit firmer than the former despite its smaller size. It pairs well with a healthy helping of hickory smoke and sauce, but don’t be afraid to experiment with fruits for something really special.

Beef Ribs

Find beef from the chuck plate and enjoy a whole new level of ribs. These are taken from the back of the cow and are absolutely delicious when cooked for five and a half hours or so. They may be hard to find initially, so make sure you visit your local butcher for the inside scoop on sourcing these delectable dinners.  

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