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The Difference Between Pellet Grills And Smokers

Outdoor cooking grills are an amazing way to cook meats, veggies and other foods. Today, we look at the difference between two types of grills, namely pellet grills and smokers. These two devices have quite a bit of overlap in what they can do, but by no means are they identical products. Learn more right down below!

The Differences Between Outdoor Cooking Grills: Pellet Grills Vs Smokers


Many BBQ experts will claim that pellet grills are the more convenient of the two options, and for good reason. As outdoor cooking grills, pellet burners only require an initial setup with the food and pellets. Then, the cooking is largely hands-off, as the pellets are fed into the machine automatically to maintain a consistent cooking temperature.

However, you can’t totally disregard the convenience of smokers. One thing they have over pellet grills is that they do not require electricity to function, giving them a significant advantage in portability. Also, they are often larger, meaning that bigger meals or portions can be cooked at one time. 


The taste of outdoor cooking grills will not change a lot between pellet grills and smokers. Both of the devices use a form of wood product (pellets and wood chips), meaning that you can purchase applewood, hickory or other aromatic woods for either. Still, you will generally get a deeper and more robust flavour from smokers, which can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your personal preference. 


Adoptability may seem similar to convenience, but we are specifically referring to the learning and use of each product here. For instance, many people prefer pellet grills because they only require attention at the start of the cooking process. By contrast, smokers require almost constant attention to ensure the heat and airflow are correct. 

On the other hand, smokers are generally more inexpensive compared to pellet grills, which makes them ideal for those looking to get into barbeque on a budget. In short, you can choose a cheaper and more difficult smoker or a more expensive and easier-to-use pellet grill, where it concerns beginning with one over another. 

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