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The Joys of Using Custom-Made BBQ Sauce

One of the main qualities that separates barbecue from other foods is the depth of flavour it brings to the table. It isn’t the only food that does this, of course, but a quality BBQ sauce can turn good into great in an instant because of the mixture of flavours and spices present. Something about the sweet, sticky, spicy and savoury sauce elevates the entire experience, but would you believe that there is an even higher level of deliciousness to achieve? 

Indeed there is! By using custom-made BBQ sauces, you unlock another plane of flavour that is full of unique flavour combinations, exciting experiments and crazy culinary creations. And the best part is that you can join in the fun of creating these concoctions! Below, we look at some amazing custom creations currently available and embolden you to experiment yourself. Let’s go!

Ready-made and Readily Delicious Custom BBQ Sauces

Melissa Cookston

A 7-time world barbecue champion creates a line of delicious and tantalizing BBQ sauces. From the heart of Mississippi, this line of delicious sauces includes both vinegar and ketchup-based sauces that’ll leave you speechless, if only because you’re perpetually reaching for the next bite. 

Blues Hog

The Blues Hog brand is a southern treasure steeped in the rich tradition that makes barbecue such an endearing activity. Whether you choose the award-winning classic or one of their newer options, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience that can best be described as a perfect fusion of sweet, savoury and spicy. 

Four Ingredients to Make Your Own BBQ Sauce

The first ingredient you need to choose is the base of your sauce. Will it be ketchup, vinegar or mustard-based sauce? Next, you’ll need to choose the level and type of spice. Are you in the mood for subtle, pronounced or enhanced flavour? The third ingredient is the liquid that makes the sauce pourable and usable. From popular soda brands to whisky and more, the options are near limitless. The final component? The desire to experiment and try new things.

With these four ingredients, you’ll be well on your way to a truly delicious BBQ sauce. Don’t be afraid to look up recipes and tweak them for your own needs or buy products that you want to experiment with. Let us know your favourites on social media!

BBQVille Canada is your source for everything barbecue in Canada. From smokers, grills and accessories to rubs and sauces, we supply everything you need to go from amateur cook to pro chef. Plus, with shipping from coast to Canadian coast, exclusive products and great prices, we won’t be beat. Bring a little authentic Southern spice or Jamaican jerk to your next backyard bonanza with BBQVille Canada. And don’t forget to check out Airdrie Canvas for all your canvas needs!


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