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What You Need to Know About Chilly Moose

The Story of Chilly Moose

The story of Chilly Moose is about as Canadian as it gets. A couple of outdoor lovers saw a gap in their experience, set out to fix it and offered their innovations for others to benefit from. It is a simple story of adding quality and value into our everyday products and making them multigenerational family heirlooms.

Chilly Moose’s Values

Although the idea behind Chilly Moose coolers and drinkware is enough for a company, it would be short-sighted without acknowledging the need for sustainability and innovation in sourcing materials. This is the reason behind their emphasis on using sustainable, durable and long-lasting materials that don’t break the budget. 

Features of Chilly Moose Products

If you believe in supporting this company’s fantastic values or just finding a quality cooler before camping season, see how foam insulation, multi-purpose design and quality materials make Chilly Moose the brand of choice.

Foam Insulation

Chilly Moose coolers pressure-inject foam insulation, giving them long-lasting insulation. They claim that their coolers will retain ice for up to five days. And, with a form-fitted interlock lid system to keep cold in and hot out, they’re the industry leaders for a reason.

Multi-purpose Design

Everyone knows that having one thing is great, but getting two-for-one is much better. Chilly Moose coolers take this a step further by adding in:

  • Not one, but two bottle openers
  • A fish ruler in the lid
  • A quick-drain valve in the bottom
  • (Optional) Cooler divider/ cutting board

You get much more than the best cooler with this brand, and the ingenuity of the design adds real value to the experience.

Quality Materials

From the heavy-duty rotomolded construction to the durable all-terrain tires, each component in your Chilly Moose cooler is made to improve the experience and longevity of the product. Stainless steel, sustainably-forested bamboo, and heavy-duty rope are just a few examples of this brand’s quality craftsmanship and materials.

Shop Chilly Moose Coolers & Drinkware Now

Interested in seeing what all the buzz is about for yourself? Check out our great selection of Chilly Moose products here!

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